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If you are facing charges for the sale or trafficking of illegal drugs, it is important that you seek the advice of a qualified criminal defense attorney immediately. These types of offenses carry some very serious penalties, including harsh fines and lengthy jail or prison sentences. Having a skilled Elgin illegal drug sale defense lawyer representing you from the start can help to ensure that your rights are protected at all times.

I am Illinois criminal defense attorney Brian J. Mirandola. I offer my clients the insight of an Assistant State's Attorney with seven years of experience prosecuting serious crimes involving such drugs as cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy, and cannabis. My knowledge of how the prosecution prepares their cases allows me to build a defense designed specifically to counter their every move.

Illegal Drug Sale Charges in Illinois

Possession of even a small amount of an illegal drug can escalate into an intent to sell or trafficking charge fairly easily. Even if you were in possession of a small quantity of a drug strictly for your own use, police will frequently attempt to add on charges of intent to sell. If you are found bringing drugs into or out of Illinois from Indiana, Wisconsin, or another state, you could also be facing charges for drug trafficking.

When you hire my firm, I will conduct a complete investigation into the facts of your case. I will rely on you for an accurate account of the events leading up to your arrest as a basis for building your defense. I will review all of the police reports and evidence the prosecution intends to use against you. I will present the strongest possible case to protect your freedom and your future.

Discuss Your Case With an Elgin Illegal Drug Sale Defense Lawyer

Contact my office today to schedule a free initial consultation about your drug sales and trafficking case. I represent clients in Elgin and communities throughout Kane County and the surrounding areas of the Chicago, Illinois region.

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