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Will I Lose My Illinois Driver's License?

When one of my clients has been arrested for a DUI, one of their first questions is usually, "Will I lose my Illinois driver's license?" The truth is that there is no definitive answer to the question. My answer is often, "It depends." There are many different factors that come into play regarding the driving privileges of a person who has been arrested for DUI. You may want to contact an experienced Elgin license suspension defense attorney to help you through the following matters.

License Suspension in Illinois

The first issue to consider is the meaning of the term "lose my license." Some people are referring to license suspension. Others are referring to license revocation. The next issues to consider are the circumstances surrounding your case. If you are facing a first offense that did not result in property damage or personal injury, the consequences will be much different than if you were facing your third offense, and there was serious bodily injury involved. Finally, you must consider the capability of your defense lawyer. In some cases, a good attorney can all but eliminate the impact of even the most serious drunk driving charges.

While there are many scenarios where you could have your driver's license suspended or revoked due to a DUI conviction, here is what you need to know: you will not lose your license if you are not convicted of a DUI, provided that you did not refuse a BAC test prior to your arrest. If you are facing charges for any type of drunk driving offense, your best option for avoiding the temporary or permanent loss of your driving privileges is to contact a capable Illinois DUI defense lawyer.

I am attorney Brian J. Mirandola. I represent clients throughout Kane County and the surrounding areas in all types of drunk driving cases and related administrative hearings. I have a strong track record of success preserving my clients' driving privileges. In those cases where a license suspension is upheld, I will work to obtain a hardship license in order to minimize the impact of the suspension on your ability to live a productive life.

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