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Kane County CDL violations defense lawyer

Experienced and Aggressive Defense for Commercial Vehicle Violations

For commercial drivers, operating a vehicle is more than just a convenient privilege; it is their livelihood. If you are a commercial driver who has received a serious moving violation, you may be in danger of losing your commercial driver’s license (CDL), even if the violation occurred while driving your personal vehicle. When you are fighting to keep your CDL, a different set of rules applies, and you are held to a higher standard than non-commercial drivers. With so much at stake and a higher threshold for maintaining your CDL privileges, it is important to have a qualified commercial vehicle attorney by your side that has a thorough understanding of the Illinois court system and how they handle commercial traffic violations.

I am Kane County CDL violation lawyer Brian J. Mirandola. For over 20 years, I have been practicing in the Chicagoland area. I was assistant county prosecutor for seven years, and during that time, I dealt with numerous commercial driver’s license violation cases. Today, I dedicate my practice to helping good people get back on their feet after making a mistake. I understand how important your CDL is to you; you depend on it to provide for yourself and your family. And I am committed to doing everything possible to prevent a driver’s license suspension or revocation. I have earned a reputation for providing honest, straightforward, and personalized legal guidance, and I put my experience to work to help you obtain a positive outcome in your case.

Commercial Driver’s License Violations in Illinois

In Illinois, if you are ticketed for a "serious violation," it may cost you your commercial driver’s license (CDL). Examples of serious violations include:

Penalties for these and similar traffic offenses can include fines and disqualification of your CDL for a minimum of two months. It is important to note that for certain traffic offenses, a sentence of court supervision may still be considered a conviction and trigger a disqualification. In many cases, the best defense is to negotiate to have the charges reduced. For example, the court may agree to amend a serious traffic violation to an equipment violation. Equipment violations will not trigger a CDL disqualification and will not add points to your driving record. However, there are commercial vehicle operators with employers that will not allow an equipment violation on their record, so this strategy will not work in every case.

As always, the individual circumstances of the commercial driver must be the top consideration. As a highly-experienced Kane County CDL violation lawyer, I take the time to personally consult with you and gain a thorough understanding of your situation before we move forward. Once I understand what it will take to keep your CDL and keep you behind the wheel, I work with you to craft a defense strategy designed to bring your case to a successful conclusion. Contact my office today for your free consultation. Call 847-488-0889.

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