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Charges for Multiple DUI in Illinois

A first offense DUI conviction can have a serious impact on your rights and your ability to live a normal life. Convictions for a second or subsequent DUI come with much more severe penalties, including mandatory jail time, larger fines, and the loss of your driver's license for a minimum of five years.

The only way to avoid these penalties is to avoid the conviction. Many people wrongly believe that, since they have been convicted of a previous DUI or DWI, they have no defense against a subsequent charge. In terms of beating a charge for a first offense DUI and a second offense, the approach is the same. A good repeat offense DUI defense lawyer can find any errors or rights violations in your case and use them to resolve the matter in your favor.

Repeat DUI Charges in Illinois

I am Kane County multiple DUI defense lawyer Brian J. Mirandola. I have successfully represented countless clients facing charges for repeat DUI offenses. I have a complete understanding of Illinois DUI laws, and I know the best approach to protecting your interests in these cases. As a former Assistant State's Attorney, I know what the prosecution must prove in pursuit of a conviction against you.

I conduct a thorough review of your case, looking for any errors that could provide the keys to your freedom. In previous cases, I have been successful challenging the prosecution's case based on the validity of the initial traffic stop, the accuracy of the field sobriety or Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) tests, and many other issues. I seize any opportunity to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed and prepare every case as if it is going to trial in the event that negotiations do not produce the desired result.

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