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Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense in Illinois that can result in severe penalties that may include the loss of your license, fines, and jail time, not to mention the additional costs you will incur in increased insurance premiums. Many people arrested for driving under the influence of drugs are not aware of what constitutes "under the influence" in these situations. It may surprise you.

Illinois drivers can be charged for two different types of crimes in these cases. The first involves people who are impaired by drugs to the point where they are not able to safely operate a vehicle. The second involves people who are operating a vehicle while they have drugs in their system. In these cases, it does not matter whether you were prescribed the drug or you were using an illegal one. It only matters that you were impaired.

A conviction on either type of charge can have severe consequences, and having an experienced attorney may be your best option for avoiding one. I am Elgin DUI drugs defense lawyer Brian J. Mirandola, and I represent clients throughout Kane County and the surrounding areas in these frequently complex cases.

No matter which type of DUI prescription drugs charge you may be facing, I will do everything I can to avoid a conviction. If there is a way to beat the charges against you, I will find it. I worked for seven years as an Assistant State's Attorney, and I know how prosecutors think. I know when to negotiate and when to go to trial. I look at all the criminal defense options for your case and recommend the course that gives you the best chance of success.

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