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A Brief Overview of Credit Card Fraud in Illinois

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credit card fraud, deceptive practice, Aurora Criminal Defense LawyerOn almost a daily basis, ad campaigns and law enforcement groups remind the public about the dangers of falling victim to credit card fraud, but what if the tables were turned? Money was running low, and you desperately needed groceries. Using your friend's card may not have been the right thing to do, but in the moment, it felt like the only option.

However, now you are facing charges of fraud, and the money you spent could lead to you spending time behind bars. According to Illinois law, if you are convicted of credit card fraud, you could face fines of up to $10,000, and serve up to 20 years in prison depending on the nature of the offense.

What Constitutes Fraud?

Fraud is committed when a person who is not the cardholder uses a credit or debit card without the cardholder's permission. It does not matter whether the offender is an identity thief looking to bleed an account dry, or a teenager swiping his or her grandparents’ card to buy a videogame; it is still a crime.

What Are the Consequences?

As with most criminal prosecutions, the severity of the charges and associated penalties are based upon the circumstances of a particular case. While such considerations take into account large number of factors, one of the most significant is amount of money involved.

In Illinois, most credit card fraud crimes are classified as class 4 felonies. However, if your intent was to obtain less than $150 in property over a six-month period, then the crime will typically be classified as a class A misdemeanor.

The courts will also take into account whether this was your first or subsequent offense. A first-time offender will typically face fines and probation. However, if it is your second offense, incarceration is a serious possibility. The penalties could be even more severe if the charges involve defrauding an account across international borders.

How to Handle Your Charges

If you are facing charges for debit or credit card fraud, an experienced Kane County criminal defense lawyer. At the The Law Office of Brian J. Mirandola, we understand the law and recognize the importance of protecting your future. Our team will meet with you to review your situation, help you analyze your options, and work toward building a reliable, responsible defense. Call 847-488-0889 to schedule your free consultation today. Sources:

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