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Former UCLA Basketball Player Speaks About Shoplifting Charges

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shoplifting, Kane County criminal defense attorneyThe National Association for Shoplifting Prevention estimates that more than $13 billion worth of goods are stolen from retailers each year. Even more shocking, approximately one in 11 people will shoplift at some point in their lives. Many of the people who shoplift never get caught, but those who do face serious legal consequences.

There are a numerous reasons that a people choose to steal an item from a store. Some may be in serious financial trouble and unable to afford the item or they may simply not wish to pay for it. Others may be influenced by peer pressure or steal in order to impress those with them. Many people shoplift because they believe that it is a victimless crime. Whatever the reason, shoplifting is illegal and doing it can be devastating to a person’s future.

An Eventful Overseas Trip

A college basketball player who had dreams of one day playing for the NBA is facing a much different future after making a mistake many college-aged people make. The young man was visiting China with fellow teammates when the group decided to visit a Louis Vuitton store. The man claimed that his teammates began taking items from the store without the intent to pay for them. He explained that he then started taking items as well because he saw his teammates do it. "We all went out one night, went to the malls…people started taking stuff, and then, you know, me just not thinking and being with them, I took something too," he said.

This young basketball player is not the first person to be influenced to commit a crime because those around them were doing it. After leaving the stores with the items, the basketball players thought that they had gotten away with the theft. However, the next morning police showed up and arrested the players. They spent a day and a half in a foreign concrete-floored jail. There is some dispute as how it transpired, but the young men were returned to the United States and the charges against them were dropped. The NBA prospect who followed his teammates in stealing merchandise was suspended from the team. He later decided to leave UCLA entirely, claiming that the suspension was unfair.

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